So, about this whole Matt Cooke injuring Erik Karlsson thing…

Going into the boards like that in hockey, you’re supposed to get your knee in between his legs to pin him, and that is what Cooke tried to do. He just got knocked off balance, and and tried to put his skate down. Don’t get me wrong Karlsson is one of my top 3 favorite defense and it’s a shame… but all of you need to think logically about this and really need to realize that to do something like that intentional is very unlikely, this game is fast pace and outcomes like this are very common. Yes it’s a shame that Karlsson is injured, I hate to see a top player like him hurt but everybody take a breather and think about the logistics of what Cooke was trying to do.

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    I’m trying to figure out why this post has gone unnoticed because it explains a very basic hockey play to those who are...
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